About me

Martin Bald


Your advisor on company succession/sale


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The graduate merchant Martin Bald can look back on 30 years of experience in the areas of the branded goods industry and retail. In the non-food wholesale trade in particular, he worked in the management of well-known business groups for almost 20 years and accompanied numerous acquisitions.

Martin Bald has 30 years of experience and spent almost 20 years in the management of well-known business groups. He accompanied numerous acquisitions and oversees companies in all matters of corporate acquisitions and sales.

Way of working

The accompanying process begins with the creation of the company's epoposee and goes through the search of suitable prospective buyers, the purchase price negotiations and ends after the conclusion of the notarial purchase agreement.

For more information and initial exposés, see the Company Exchange.

My Mission


Realistic company valuations, very good network and, of course, your companion when it comes to financing issues.